Before you start, you should know a little about your weapon, the staff. You start out with a strength of 15. By selecting the staff again, it'll go down. However, once it reaches 0, it will start going back up. Make sure your strength is above 10 before you fight anything. Also, you can kill things very easily with your staff by hitting the attack button very quickly, due to the fact that the time between attacks is near zero.

You start out next to a pillbug. Kill it. Go south twice and kill the slayer. Read the sign. Go south four times, and then go into the church. Talk to farmer Jack. Leave the church, and leave the town. You'll have to go to a spot several screens west of Jack's residence that is outside town. There is a hole in the ground. Go down it. Go east two screens and down one, killing pillbugs on the way. Kill the slayer. Walk north, then east four screens. Talk to the man. Leave the cave, go back to town, and talk to farmer Jack. Leave and go north one screen, and east one screen. Go in the house. Talk to Mrs. Sisters. Walk down the stairs and kill the Slayer. Go west and then south, killing monsters along the way. Go east, and then go north through the wall panel with vines on it. Take the potions and kill the man. Go south, east, south, west twice, north twice, and up the stairs. Talk to Susan. Go east twice and into the house. Talk to Betty. Leave the house. Go north once and west twice. Go into the house and talk to Doggit (the upstairs of his house has a save machine). From the town entrance, go east three times and north until you see the station. Go inside, then leave and go north and inside the cave. The puzzles are pretty easy, just activate all the switches by hitting them. Eventually you'll get to a small hallway.

(The game gets a little weird from here, but you can still finish it by using Gary Hertel's cheat menu, go right twice, down the stairs, press m (or button 6) go to "change dink's stats" and select Fly, go around the wall now and go up the stairs. You'll see a message from the author now, and that's the end of the demo, bug Kevin the full version ;) -Dukie)