This is part two of the arithia trilogy, so make sure you play The Ninth Lock first if you want to know what happened.

Go downstairs and kill boncas till one gives you money. Go upstairs and north, and talk to the woman about everything. You'll offer to get the pepper. Go south and up the stairs. Open all the chests and take all the money. Go up the stairs. Get the pepper from behind the first bookshelf (follow the path between the shelves). Go downstairs (twice) and buy two meals from Bog. (Hint: You can restore you health by eating a meal. If you go back to Ash then and talk to him, you can eat the second one) Walk outside. Now, collect all the gold hearts in the area, and once you've got them, get the red one. Go back inside and downstairs. Work your way through the boncas until you get to the save point, where you must save. Now you can leave and come back and save here. Leave the area, and on the first screen out of it, walk west until you come to a fence. (Tip: There is also a potion-seller somewhere East on the map. Mike: “You should atleast try to buy 2 or 3 defense potions, go back to the inn and kill the bonca's again if you need money. If you are really good, then you don't need these.”) There are two openings in it, the one on the top leads to some potions (Get those!), the one on the bottom leads to a house. Enter it, and keep doing it till he lets you stay. (Mike: “There are some more potions in his house, and even more if you go north, get them aswell.” Talk to him and use all the conversation options. Go back through the fence and head north-east till you get to Potter's Cave. Enter the cave through the left entrance. You will need to solve a maze of sorts. My hint is to avoid the slayers, and move as quickly as possible. (Mike: T“here is a save point in Potters cave. It's close to the end of the maze section.. a little south of where the path finally starts winding north and east to the wide open area. I'd recommend finding the save point unless you were able to get though without it.” You will need to get to a fountain. Once you are there, push on the side of it. Walk west to Potter's house and talk to him. Once you are finished, leave the cave, and walk as eastward as you can. Sweep the beach on the east side, and you will eventually come to a guard. Tell him who you are, and that you know what is across the bridge. Then, use the pepper on him. Walk across the bridge and you finish the D-Mod.