You start out in a forest. There is no clue to what you should do, so walk around a bit. You’ll get the message that Dink is supposed to meet his father at some tree. That tree is the tree on the middle of the screen you started on.

Talk to the tree and watch the cut scene.

After Dink has talked to his father, go south and go to the right when you can. Pick up the potion and go back and go to the south. Enter the house and talk to Cartridge.

Leave the house via the south entrance.

Follow the path in the woods to the south until you can’t go any further. Then go to the left and talk to the bonca. Go north twice, take the gold and go back to the bonca.

After you’ve been teleported, take the stairs down that will warp you to another island. Go one screen to the left on this island en use the warp. On the next island, use the left warp. Use the warps on the next islands and you’ll end up in a cave.

Go down. In the caves, follow the path and take the warp. Wander around in the caves and talk to the people and tables if you wish, or otherwise go to the most northeast corner and enter the cave. Talk to the old man until you can ask how to get out of the caves. Leave the cave of the old man and go all the way down, then go right. Talk to the girl. Save the game if you want to try both options.

Leave the cave of the girl and go all the way to the left until you reach the stairs.


Visit all the houses on the island in order to see what’s going on. Use all talk options to learn more about a secret island. Then go to the bar and talk to Susan, after that, talk to the barkeeper.

Leave the bar. You can go to the south to follow Leo, or go west and talk to the girl or go to the most western house and see what’s going on there.


Just talk to her and watch the cut scene.


Enter the hole that’s on the south of the island and enter the caves. The best way to go through the caves is to run. Don’t wait to see what the first slimes say, otherwise there will be a screenlock. They do give hearts however, so you can fight if you want to. If you die trying, go back to an earlier saved game and go the secret island (at then end of this walkthrough you can read how to get there).

Eventually you’ll come to Leo’s place. Talk to him and take what he doesn’t longer need and go back.

Western house

You’ll meet Grimstone here. Go to the caves to get what he wants and bring it back to him. You can choose between several options, so save if you want to try them all. If you already leveled up, the potion will restore your health and do nothing else. If you haven’t leveled up, the potion will do that.


Once you’ve got the gland, go to the barkeeper and give him the gland. He needs to do something with it, so wander a bit around the island until you come to the most southeast corner. Talk to the wizard and see what happens. There is only one way to go. After the cut scene, go back to the barkeeper and talk to him. You have two options to choose from, save if you want to experience them both.

If you choose to pay, got to the western point of the island, talk to the guy, take the shelf and go back to the cave of the old man in order to get a key. Go to the entrance of the Dark Caves (it’s the screen with the stairs on it) en enter the Dark Caves.

If you choose to make havoc, watch what happens. After that, talk to the fence and after that, go south.

Dark Caves

Get the key; that shouldn’t be too hard, since it’s clearly visible, although the borders of the Dark Caves are hard to see. Go, once you got the key, counting from the screen with the savebot, two north and one right and talk to the wizard.

Keyhole pole

After having talked to the wizard in the Dark Caves and having watched the cut scene, you’re on a small island with a pole. Talk to the pole and you’ll end up on another island.

Rocky Island

Go two to the right and one up and talk to the man in the stone house to know what has happened. Go the other house after that and talk to the man.

Watch the cut scene. Then you’re on Sunflower island.

Sunflower island

Talk to the women in the houses and then go to the south of the island to talk to Razman. Then go to the house that is located on the southeastern side of the island and talk to the woman. Go outside the house and go downstairs. Get the sunflower, the jewels and make your choice on what to do. You can either skip this part or go further into the caves and get all the goodies. It doesn’t matter what you answer the woman once you’re back in the house.

Go to Razman, and when he asks you what you want to do, don’t be too greedy. If you still want to be greedy, then be sure to save your game before talking to Razman. Razman will teleport you to the cave entrance - sort of. Go into the tunnel, exit by warp and you’re on... hmm... on Rocky Island again? See what’s going on by going one to the right and one to the north. Talk to you friend, and then go one screen east and talk to the man inside the house. Finally, go to the northeast point of the island and talk to the man inside the house. Exit the house and go two south and enter the tunnel.


You’ll be on the jungle beach. You’ll have to find the Temple of Doom where the prince is held. If you want to, you can go into the jungle and wander a bit to see if you can find the place yourself. If you don’t want to do that, go south and to the left and to the south again and you’ll see the guide. Talk to him. In order to find the bread he wants, you can follow the beach to the far north. There you’ll find an old acquaintance who can sell you the bread. If you don’t have enough money, go all the way to the south and then to the left and you’ll see a shipwreck.

After you’ve got the bread, go back to the guide and he’ll ask you what you want to see. You can choose between the Temple of Doom, the Monkey Hill and the Flying Elephants. Choose whatever you want and you’ll be brought to the starting point. Follow the breadcrumbs and you’ll see the tourist attraction of you choice.

You can only choose once, so if you want to follow every option, you need to save the game first.

If you’re lost to where the Temple of Doom is: go to the south entrance (the beach to the most left) and enter the jungle. Go to the left and follow the path (you’ll see the Flying Elephants as well) all the way south/down (it has some twists and turns but just follow the path).

Temple of Doom

There is not much left of the Temple of Doom. Anyway, enter and you’ll stand face to face with the prince. But someone else is there too - and what about those two wizards? Just watch the cut scene and the end scene after that and everything will become clear!

Secret Island

On the screen where the bar is, walk to the tree. Right there is an invisible warp. Once you’re on the secret island, get the goodies and exit via the invisible warp on the northeast.