Note: during the game, do not press the 'H' key, because this would kill you! It seems that the authors forgot to remove this. The best solution is to remove the key-72.c file in the story\ directory of the DMod. There are also some secrets to find; each secret potion you find is considered as 1 secret, even if you find several of them in one single secret place.

Gem 1 - Isles Area

After this interesting introduction, you enter the first area of the game. The goal here is to to the third isle where the gem is.

Isle 1

If you go to the extreme left of right, you will find a big red heart. Then go east of the screen with the saved game. After the little cut scene, go north. In the house here, there are 2 potions. Same for the house east of there, where a girl sells bread. You can also find some goodies in the barrels.

Now, go NE until you find a rock. Examine it and go back to the girl we just met. She wants a fish. Go west to the fisherman. He wants a duck. Go NW to the duck seller. He gives it for free :) Go back to the fisherman, give him the duck, take the fish, go back to the bread seller and give her a fish. Now you have the right to talk to the guy in the bar, north of here (yeah...). The guy asks you to find his lucky gold coin, and unlock an area of the isle. Go north of the island, then west, and then go south to some trees. You now can cut them down. Go downstairs.

In the cave, kill all the ennemies. There is a 'secret' here. In the cross-roads screen, go west, and then downstairs: you can take 4 potions :) North of the cross-roads, kill the boncas, go west and kill the slayer. This will 'give' you the lucky coin. Bring it back to the guy in the bar, then exit and go to the duck-seller screen. Examine the door and choose to push the red button. Once inside, talk to the guy, and you'll get your bomb. Use it near the rock that blocks your way, and the path is cleared. Use the bridge.

Isle 2

Go north, and you will see a wizard. Go to the north of the isle and talk to the tree on the right. After the teleportation, talk to the wizard to learn the iceball magic. Explore the isle to find 2 potions and 1 gold heart. Avoid the ennemies like slayers, dragons or stone giants, they are way too powerful for you.

Follow the path to the town. The save machine is again at the healer's. In the house in the east of the town are 1 potion and 1 red heart. Break also all the barrels, as always.

South of the town is a house owned by a young pig farmer called Link. He will give you the key to the house in the forest if you find his amulet. The amulet is NW of the isle (beware of the slayers). Exchange the amulet for the key and go in the house that is in the forest, in the eastern part of the isle. In the house, read the letter, and then enter the chimney. Go left (don't miss the hidden blue potion). At the end of the path, you will be teleported to:

DarkLands-like area

There is a path north, but it is protected by a force field that you need to desactivate. To do so, find the 4 switch and activate them (by touching them). You will also find a potion. This being done, go to the extreme north and kill the dragon that is there. You then free Brick who now can repair the bridge.

Isle 3

When walking on the bridge, you will find a save machine. There is a passage on the water right of the screen, shown by an arrow-shaped group of shells (Secret 1). On the next isle, go NW for another secret area (Secrets 2 and 3). Enter the temple north of the isle, kill the giants pillbugs, and take the gem (examine it, and wait for a few seconds).

Gem2 - Summers Desert

In this new town, you have to go in the second gem temple, but before you must fix the town water supply.


The source is under the down, in a cave whose entrance is protected by some bushes. You can have an antibushbom from the guy in the northern house, in exchange for some glue that the magician in the NW house can give you, provided you clean up his basement, ie kill the evil goblin there.

The source

Done? Good, now use the bomb on the bushes and do downstairs. Then go north and kill the stone giants. They placed a big rock on the source, so move it towards the right.

The second temple

Go to the house in the center of Summers, and the mayor will allow you to pass the fence that protects the temple. Enter the temple and grab the gem. No boss this time, but you've got it coming to you...

Gem 3 - Winters

The gem seems to be in the Winters town, that is unfortunately already pillaged and had its access blocked. You have to find a way to enter it.


First, explore the area on the ice. NE is a path that leads to 2 golden hearts, 1 red heart and 4 potions (so 4 Secrets: 4, 5, 6 and 7). SW are 2 chests, surrounded by holes in the ice; but in fact one of those is not a real hole, so you can access the chests through it.


Now, find in the snowbound area the screen with a house and a save machine near it. Enter this house, kill the goblin and talk to the guy. He does know a locked (secret) passage to Winters but, as he is negligent, he broke one key and lost the other one. You should find where it is: of course, in a screen with lots of black slayers, behind one of the trees (burn them down to see it). Go back to the back. Talk to him and you then find yourself in the secret passage.

Walk north, go upstairs, and kill the dragon. Then talk to the guy surrounded by the fire, and exit the basement (using the stairs... that go down).

Bug: never come again in that house, or else you would come in a screen full of water, and with no exit.


You are now in Winters. Here, you can find a golden heart and a healer house (with the associated save machine). Look for a house that looks like a tavern and enter it. Go upstairs, and push the table there towards the right. A key! There is only one not-burnt house left south of the town. Examine the door and choose to open it with the key. Once inside, you will meet Link again. Link will then bring you to the 3rd temple.

The third temple

You now just have to enter the temple and teach some respect to this gem theft. To be continued in Part 2 - by the way, wait for the version 3 of this DMod, it will be far better and with less bugs :)