Save your game if you want. Go to the letter and read it. You should go to the forest. Read the sign to known where everything is. Go right, enter the house and take all the potions you see inside. Go back to your house. Talk to the bed and sleep. Leave your house, go 2 down, left, down and left. Read the paper. Go right 4 times, then up. Enter the mine. Go right, talk to him. The test is to find a spell and kill the pillbugs. Go out, then left (save your game if you want), up three times, enter the cave. Take the golden heart (avoid the slimes or kill them), then take the spell, you have fireball magic. Go out, right twice, down twice (savemachine and hearts here), and kill the pillbug. If you burn the tree on a screen above the mine, you'll see golden hearts and small hearts. Return to your house. Read the letter. Go back to the place where you killed the pillbug and go one screen down. Kill them all. Return home and read the paper. Save your game . Go to one screen above the mine and enter the area with the grey ground. Go up and kill them. Go back home..again and read the letter. You'll get 200 gold each time you read it, so you know what to do ;), but you don't have to do that because the sword you can get isn't expensive. Buy it, the man where you went for some potions has it. Go to the screen where you could enter the cave, then go right twice. Follow the path there till you get a screenlock, just go to the stairs, you won't have to fight them. Kill the bonca and save your game if you want. Go down twice, go right (go down for a defensepotion), up (go right for 3 magicpotions), follow the path and enter to go to a snowisland. Kill the pillbugs, go right, enter to go to a room, kill or avoid the slimes. Read the letter. You've won!