Alrighty, kids, and some older people as well. Hotel of the Middle Night was meant to be a hard game to solve, so don't waste your time on this walkthrough. But if you really have tried EVERYTHING, then use this.


You start in the bar. Answer whatever you want to the questions. Make your way to room 2 (the 2nd one in the south wall). Talk to your bed to sleep (Note that after the cut-scene you can save by talking to your bed). After the cut-scene get out of your room. Make your way downstairs, and then talk to the old man. Go to room 3 and a cut-scene follows.

Go back down and out of the hotel (you can leave the island and have a fake ending by talking to the boatman in the north-east corner of the island). Search a hole in the ground at south-east corner of the island. Get inside, and look at the massacre. Get back in the hotel and into room 7. After this, you need to find a key. (There is a note to tell you a key is missing in room 6). The key is outside the hotel in the most north-west corner of the island.

After you find the key go open the storage room -door. Look at the cape and a cut-scene follows.

Get downstairs and look at the bottles, and say "nothing".

Inside the basement, make your way to west. After the cut-scene you have 5 seconds to hit the bottles in the shelf. The final showdown is in the room with the machine. Talk to the spinning machine, and then watch the ending.