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Triangle mover is a very special DMod; there is no adventure, but it is a puzzle game. This walkthrough gives solutions to all the puzzles.

In each level, there are one or more sources, which periodically emit balls (which should be regarded as light particles), and one or more sinks, which absorb them. The goal is to position the optical elements (mostly mirrors) such that all the balls end up in a sink. Some elements are bolted to the floor (they have grey circles in them); you cannot move those. You have some time to position the elements. During this time, balls are emitted and any crashing balls are counted. If there are too many, you lose the level.

The background of the levels has no function at all, except for confusing the player and making the screens more interesting to watch.

When you click the "done" button, you can no longer move any elements and a timer starts. If no balls crash while the timer is running, you win the level.

Now follows a list which explains the new elements in each level, plus a screenshot for a way to solve the level. In many cases, there are multiple solutions; the screenshot shows just one of them.

From the main menu, you can also select a practice level. This level lets you try out all the elements of the game. Finishing it is trivial; it's intended to teach you what all the elements do. However, there's really no need; you can just encounter them during the game.


[edit] Level 1

  • New element: mirror.

Simple level, to introduce the concept of the game.


[edit] Level 2

Two movable mirrors. No special features.


[edit] Level 3

The problem here is that the balls from the two sources hit each other. To avoid this, one of the paths must be changed.


[edit] Level 4

The path to take here is straightforward. Just make sure the balls don't hit the wall. Use the right bolted mirror, as you don't have the mirrors to reflect the ball back if it would go left. The main problem in this level is being fast enough, so you are done before you run out of balls.


[edit] Level 5

The balls have to go in a spiral. The first part of the spiral is through bolted mirrors; don't interfere with it. In the inner rectangle, finish the spiral.


[edit] Level 6

  • New element: door. A door opens for a while when a ball hits the corresponding circle.

Let the balls open the door before going through it.


[edit] Level 7

Just follow the path; do it as fast as possible, so you don't loose too many balls.


[edit] Level 8

  • New element: delay. A ball which enters the delay will be held for a while, then emitted in the direction it was moving.

This level is a copy of level 3, but because one mirror is bolted to the floor, the solution doesn't work. However, the delay provides an easier solution, so you don't actually need to use any mirrors.


[edit] Level 9

There are two doors which need to be opened. The solution is simple.


[edit] Level 10

Balls from the lower source are delayed a lot. The balls from the upper source have to open their door when they arrive.


[edit] Level 11

  • New element: differently colored mirrors. Balls only reflect on mirrors of their own color, or white. They crash on all other mirrors.

This level is not hard; it just introduces the new mirrors.


[edit] Level 12

Two simple paths; create them without losing balls.


[edit] Level 13

  • New element: white sink. This absorbs any color balls.

The blue balls need to open the door for the red balls.


[edit] Level 14

Too many mirrors; lots of options; all of them are good.


[edit] Level 15

  • New element: trap. A ball which enters a trap will be held until the next ball enters. The first ball will then be kicked out in the direction that the second ball had.

The trap lets all balls go to the wrong sink. The red balls must take a different path, so the trap will only act as a delay for the blue balls.


[edit] Level 16

  • New element: guard. Only balls of the right color can pass through the guard; it is a wall for other balls.

The red balls can only enter through the door, which must be opened by the blue balls. The delays and traps can be used to save some red balls, but if you're fast enough, you can do without them.


[edit] Level 17

The red balls need to open the doors for both streams of blue balls. They don't need to go to their "own" sink, as all sinks are white.


[edit] Level 18

  • New element: prism. A prism changes the direction of the light (ball) that passes through it. Blue balls take a right turn; red balls take a left turn, and green balls go straight.

Most prisms are bolted to the floor only two can be moved. They must be positioned to join and split the beam.


[edit] Level 19

Use the mirrors to reflect the balls to the proper side of the screen; the blue balls can use the bolted white mirror to get to their sink. The red balls need to use prisms. They turn red balls the wrong way, but three left turns make a right turn.


[edit] Level 20

Two paths. Not hard, but be quick or you run out of balls. Don't get distracted by the ducks.


[edit] Level 21

Many options here; the traps can be used as delays, or for clever tricks. The solution here is to move the green and blue balls a bit down using two mirrors each, and let the red balls take a detour. The red balls can pass through the green and blue sinks without crashing.


[edit] Level 22

New element: color changers. These change the color of a ball that passes through it as indicated. The color changers seem to make it easy, but they are in the wrong place: the simple path would make the blue balls red and the red balls blue. Therefore a complex path is needed. Watch out that your balls don't crash into each other; the red balls must hit their first mirror really early for that (so they pass through the bottom of the color changer).


[edit] Level 23

The impossible level. You need both color changers to make the red balls green, so they can pass through the door. But then you have no color changers left to make them red again, and green balls cannot enter the red sink.

The solution is to cheat: Use the mirrors to make a really long path. Move the first mirror into the path just when the previous ball crashes and immediately click the done button. The balls will eventually crash, but that's after the timer runs out, so you will have won the level anyway.


[edit] Level 24

  • New element: aligner. All balls are sent in the direction of the arrow. Balls coming from there will crash.

Most elements are bolted to the floor. You can only move the three prisms. The red balls pass through six color changers and don't need any help. The blue balls need to enter the chain in a place where blue balls are expected; the green balls should go where a green ball is expected. But the green balls cannot be turned with a prism, so the prism must be placed after the color changer, and because they then changed color, the balls have to be inserted into the stream where a red ball is expected.


[edit] Level 25

The aligner throws all balls in one beam. Use the prism to split the beam; red balls go straight to their sink; blue need mirrors. The path of the green balls isn't changed by the prism, so they also need a mirror.


[edit] Level 26

The green balls go to the wrong sink. Use traps to change all paths; use prisms to get the red and blue balls into the traps.


[edit] Level 27

The green balls only need a mirror; the blue sink doesn't bother them. The red and blue balls both need two mirrors. For the blue balls, use a prism instead of a mirror; that can safely be placed in the path of the green balls. Use the white and red mirror for the red balls.


[edit] Level 28

Three sources, three sinks, not many mirrors. All balls are green, but you can use the color changers. You need to, because you need the other mirrors.


[edit] Level 29

You need to use the traps for changing the direction of the balls. The blue balls need to make a detour to make them hit the green balls to their detour to hit the red balls.


[edit] Level 30

No point in working out which ball would go where through this randomizer. Just try it out and place the mirrors on the other side to reflect them to their sinks.


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