The Scary Beast

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The Scary Beast is a simple game made by Glenn in which Dink has to defeat the scary beast that is haunting some girl.

From the start, go down one screen and right another and talk to the female NPC. She will tell you to kill a beast that is scaring her at night. Anyway, this beast lives in a cave with the entrance being obscured by a rock. If you go up and push the rock it's apparent that Dink needs to train because he isn't strong enough. Go back to the female NPC and she'll tell you to punch a tree to develop some muscle. Yes, you have to punch a tree.

The tree in question is three screens to the left and one screen up near the fence. When you punch it, a counter will appear above the tree. Once it has been punched 20 times you will gain some strength and you'll be able to push the rock. Previous versions of this game simply omitted this tree punching segment and you simply went into the cave, I think.

Once you're in the cave, go right and you'll see the beast. Punch it about 30 times and once you've killed it go back to the female NPC and the game will quit after talking to her.

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