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This was made by Cypry for the "Failure" contest meaning that you will most likely fail to achieve your goal. You play as the wizard Martridge who must fulfil one of Dink's requests. You can press "I" (eye) to see information about your currently equipped magic.


[edit] Start

To make the potion, kill the slime a few screens down and pick up the mushroom near the tree. You'll regain your mana and be able to burn the pine tree and go to the herb boot salesman. Push his table to the side and go into the basement to read how to make a warp potion. Move through the grass maze to pick the green mushroom. You'll find the duck west of the savebot near SunCool Pond. He'll run away to the sandy beach near where you were previously. You'll have to shoot him with fireballs in an arcade sequence after which you'll teleport.

[edit] The light in the sky

After you regain control you should go into the house with the sacks to get the red attack potion. Afterwards go north and meet Beth in her house. She'll tell you about the prophecy of the "Plague Star" and how it's killing people. She'll tell you that Merlin promised a cure, but so far hasn't delivered. Go down to the grave digger's house to get the pickaxe and then walk all the way around the edge of the cemetery to get a blue defence potion. There are some other powerups to the east in the field, and also in the cemetery. You can talk to the graves to get hints. Arm the pickaxe and talk to the grave with vines on it to get a strange key.

Go to the church and punch the back wall a few times until it breaks down to get a healing spell. When you have enough money go and buy some bombs from the shop and a mana potion. Blow up the fragile wall up north to get the bomberman spell. In the guard's tower there is a maths book you can read. In the far west there is a rock you can blow up to get near the dragon statue. There is also a burnable tree on a nearby screen that obscures a chest with 500 gold. Use the key you got from the cemetery to open up the statue and go underground. Walk around there until you see the slayers. Go left and you'll get a blue defence potion. Take the other path and you'll eventually go down some stairs.

[edit] Underground

To get past the barrier put an 8 in the second number field. Go along and enter the sliding puzzle room. These instructions are copied straight from a post by user 'cherub' on the dink network:

1) 6 - right 2) 2 - down 3) 15 - right 4) 4 - up 5) 1 - right 6) 13 - down 7) 9 - down 8) 3 - left 9) 4 - up 10) 1 - up 11) 2 - left 12) 15 - down 13) 5 - left 14) 7 - down 15) 10 -down 16) 8 - right 17) 12 - right 18) 4 - up 19) 1 - up 20) 5 - left 21) 11 - down 22) 10 - left 23) 7 - up) 24) 6 - up 25) 15 - right 26) 11 - down 27) 10 - down 28) 12 - down 29) 4 - right 30) 1 - up 31) 3 - right 32) 14 - down 33) 1 - left 34) 3 - up 35) 5 - up 36) 2 - up 37) 13 - right 38) 9 - down 39) 14 - down 40) 5 - left 41) 2 - up 42) 14 - right 43) 9 - up 44) 13 - left 45) 14 - down 46) 10 - left 47) 6 - left 48) 7 - down 49) 12 - right 50) 6 - up 51) 7 - left 52) 12 - down 53) 8 - down 54) 4 - right 55) 3 - right 56) 2 - up 57) 6 - left 58) 7 - up 59) 11 - up 60) 15 - left

After this, they will disappear and you'll be able to pass the stone barriers. On the next screen you will have to find number 0 and press the invisible button. Go around and notice that the puzzle is the same as the maths book in the guardhouse before. The answer is 24, if you've forgotten how to do it. You may want to save here before going ahead. On the next screen walk as quick as you can round the path to the stairs. If you don't do it fast enough you will get hit by a rock and get to see one of the endings.

[edit] The Library

In the library you'll be greeted by the librarian who wants to test you. You'll be presented with a chess-like board. Move the castle up one space to win. Walk around and look at the bookcases to see what they have to say. One of the earlier hints mentioned a table behind a bookcase in the old library which means you should be on the lookout for it. If you can't find it, it's on the second screen on the right obscured by the bookcase. Push the hidden table and get the IceOrb spell from the underground cave. You will now be able to go back to the old library very easily if you need to.

[edit] Find the guardian

First of all you should go and get the crystal before you do anything else. This will allow you to save Beth's father. Go to the east field and find the hole in the cliff and traverse the maze (get the gold heart too) to find the stairs in the top right. A useful hint is that you can sometimes push the rocks twice if you get a good angle on them. Eventually you'll encounter the guardian who will want you to dance for her. Follow the instructions and make sure you have enough hit points first. Afterwards you'll get the crystal.

Before you leave you should move the guardian's table. This will reveal yet another hidden path to the clifftop. There's a chest of 500 gold up north and a few extra goodies elsewhere that may be found by burning trees. Around to the north will be a stone giant. Using the bomb magic is probably the best way to dispatch him. Afterwards you'll collect his heart.

Go to Beth's house to administer the cure. You will then have to visit the house of the grave digger, and catch a fish in the river before visiting the scientist in the guardhouse. Martridge will announce that it's time to find the source of the deaths.

If you equip the stone heart you may propose to Beth, this is one possible ending. Otherwise continue.

Back in the cemetery you'll be able to find a cave under the grave now containing the poison spell. Make sure you get it. Now go to the locked tower to unlock it. Beforehand you may want to stock up on mana potions and the like as you can't come back. The best mana potions in this case are the small ones, as you must stand still while refuelling which will cause you to be killed if you use a large one.

[edit] The Tower

Once you enter the tower you cannot leave. Make sure you have enough mana potions first.

Keep going up the stairs and you'll find out that it's Merlin who is causing the problem, not the star. You'll then have to fight him which will be rather difficult. The best strategy is to use the poison magic and run away from him. He'll freeze you from time to time, and also cast bombs. Do not walk anywhere near the explosions he casts as they'll kill you instantly. Eventually you'll kill him and get to see one of the three endings.

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