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Okay, first of all this is a continuing part for the Quest for the Gems. Second, this was my first walkthrough ever, and now I copied this Walkthrough from the Dink Network (TDN), so here are some spelling errors. Specially in West, East, North etc. But I changed everyone I noticed, but there is still a bunch of spelling errors.



Here are three buttons in this D-Mod. Look at the bottom of this Walkthrough.


As soon as you get to moving Dink go few screens to west. You should see a road. Then, go down. You should reach a beach soon. Go west. Then you'll see mayors house. Talk to him. He tells you to go spy some Goblins. Go to that road again and go north. In the house talk to that guy. He tells you to push his cupself away. Push it to east. Enter the hole. Then west. Crap the potion. North. Now, enter the left side of the Goblin house. Then north. You'll see two Goblins coming and talking about attacking. Now, back to village.Talk to the mayor again. Now to find some rocks. Go back to the north house. Talk to that guy again. Then out of the house, and a one screen down. Kill the pillbugs. (Note: They are though, so watch out!) After that back to miners house at north, talk to him. Now back to the mayor. Talk. Now to ask help from the people. Go down talk to that man and woman. Then out. Walk at the beach until you reach most east house. Talk to that fisherman. Ok, back to that house with a woman and a man. Talk to man first, and then to that woman. Ok, back to mayor. You'll sleep. Now Goblins are attacking. Go out, east, up, If there isn't anything, go one screen up. Sorry, my fault. You'll see Scourger coming. And you will teleport yourself to Matridge.


Now to find the book. You may wanna talk to the townspeople and save your game. You can also read the sign at south for a funny effect. Head north, enter the crunch, talk to the priest. Now to down. Kill those bugs. In the end of this so-called library. You'll see many books. Take the second self from down. Now to Matridge. He'll teleport you to the desert to find Athor of the colored wizards.

[edit] PART 3: Desert part 1: Cook city...

Okay! Now north then west. Read the sign. Now you can enter. Now, talk two persons in town for the author, then ask trader about cooking. Then go to the house with the food sign on the outside and ask the girl inside how to cook. Now you need a Bonca steak. You may wanna buy a sword before this. Blacksmith can sell you a sword with 800g. I suppose that you don't have that much. If you go south from the village you'll see a gate. Talk to that guard... or don't I don't care! Now south. You'll see an opening go there. Now here are lot of monsters. You'll get also a lot gold of them. When you got that much go buy the sword. Note: There's also a bonga which you must kill at the east side of desert. Kill it. But I doubt that you do that after you get sword. Now you got the sword? Alright! Kill the Bonca and take the steak. Go back to kitchen and tell her that you found it. Now you'll get a full health if I remember right. Now outside, down, inside and talk to the mayor. Tell him about the water problem. Then to womans house. Talk to child then mom. Ask her about the water. Now to blacksmith. Ask about pick. You got it now. Back to east side of desert. Now kill so much enemies that you'll get over 100g. You'll need them to finish this part of the desert. Now go to the east mountains and then up. You'll find a cave. Go inside. Arm the pick and hit the hole. Arm your sword and go back to blacksmith. Press: "Here's your pick back" Then to mayor. Tell him that you found some water. Now you can ask everything. Ask about Author. He'll tell you about author. Now to trader. It's one screen up from the mayor's house. Buy a bomb for 100g. Now to northwest and blow the rock. Step to another screen and you have finished this part of the desert. Phew that was a long part!

[edit] PART 4: Desert part 2: Frying city

Now you're in jail. Now go talk to the wall. Middle of it. Aha! You've been let out. Good job! Now west then up. Go inside. Ask mayor about next test. Now, head to the mountains. Note: Don't take the red heart yet! Follow the mountains to west. Otherwise it's almost impossible. You have to fight at least four monsters. First test is easy, but still... Watch out! Now back to village and talk to mayor. After that, out, west twice. OMG! Are you so rude that you actually kill a pig!? Well otherwise... it may kill you. Kill it, back to mayor. Ask the next test. All right. Go back to screen where you killed that pig. Now take the steak. Back to village and enter the cook house. Talk to cook. Ask him to make a fry. Hmm... It seems that he doesn't have any pan. Now to cook city. Ask blacksmith to give you a pan. He can't help you if you don't find a house for him, from other side. Now back to fry city ask from mayor a house. Now again... Back to cook city. Talk to blacksmith about house and he'll move to other side. Back to other side. Go to that house where you were in prison. Blacksmith is ready for you. Ask him about pan. Now back to cook. Ask about frying, again. Now everybody's sick! Nice job! Really! Talk to mediance. Now to mountains. Follow the path to west. Don't take the red heart! Follow so long that you'll see a cave. Enter. Now this is a hard part. But I know you can do it. Kill all slimes. Out. Now take the red heart. Back to mediance and she'll make that potion. Talk to mayor about everything now. Now, go there where test 1 was, but only west from screen where are at least seven monsters. In the maze I can't help you. I just tried few times and I get past it. Now save your game. Go inside. Talk to Author. He'll tell you about ice sword and ice castle. Listen this very carefully, 'cause then you'll know how this is anything doing with Quest for the Gems. Ok, it's sure that ice sword is the only thing that can kill Scourger. He'll teleport you to snow land and another search begins...

[edit] PART 5: Sword in the snows

Ok, Walk so much east that you can't anymore. then up. Talk to sign, then guard. Ok, then so much west that you can't anymore. Save. To that house which you see. Talk about catacombs. Now you'll hear what to do in game. After that fish thing tell to fisherman you got those fishes. Now arm your special weapon. Go out, up and hit the most east tree in the screen. Now press "T" You can throw this weapon away. Enter. Talk to guard if you want to. Then up, save, west, talk to that old woman. The magic star places are: - Get through the wall down where oldie is. - The most north room... There go through the east wall. - Kill all the slimes at the most north screen. - Push the statue down. - Get through the west wall at the screen where that statue is. - Talk to rock at the screen where it is of course. - In the rock screen's south wall. - Kill all the slimes from the screen that's east from the rock screen and one screen down.

I'm NOT telling you other places. You should find them yourself. [Note from Beuc: you need 10 stars, but if you find all 12 the elder will teach you fireball magic. Just try to punch and walkthough every wall, and kill all slimes]. Talk to that oldie and tell her that you found enough crystals. Now enter the hole. Now you'll see those two priests. WHAT!?! Those fools have broke the crystals which created the sword! Ok, they teleport you to Land of Uy, for a new adventure...

[edit] PART 6: Uy...

Ok. Let's find that crystal. Shall we? Talk every people in the town. Then try get into the castle. Hmm... It seems that you need a permission. Talk to that man left of castle's main door. Ofcourse in the house. Ask about permission. Nope! He won't give it to you. Now go to the carrot field. Get all the carrots and go to bread store. Ask about making from carrots something. Great! Now, back to mayor. Give him the pie. HAHAA!! You get the permission. At last! You can go to castle. Talk to the gold guard. Ok now to woods. Look at the bottom of this walkthrough, if you don't find them. Ok back to gold knight. Talk to him. Enter the left door. Talk. Ask the first choice. Now out, east, up, east. Hit the stone with Slayer claw. And enter.

[edit] CRYSTAL 1: Crystal in the cave...

Ok, now you should go north. Talk to table and you'll get a map. North twice. Save. Talk to guard. Read the sign. west. Hmm... It appears that priest isn't home. *SIGH* Always when somebody is needed he isn't there. Now talk all the people. You may buy a clawsword if you want to, but I think it's useless. Now head out of the village and go east. Note: There's a gold heart and red big heart, but don't take another red, yet. Just follow the path so much that you'll find the priest. Talk about everything. Now back to village. Save. Go to that house where isn't nobody. Go downstairs. Follow the path. Talk to green guy and ask him about Goblins. Now get out of the underground city. Go to castle. Talk to gold knight. Then go to that house where was one knight's dead body. Go to basement. Push the cupboard to left and enter.

[edit] CRYSTAL 1: Goblin village...

First, you must find the village. Then enter some house. Talk. Go out. You now need to learn speak Goblin language. Find only one dead tree from east. East side of that is some forest. You can get through it. Down. Then talk to statue. Back to village. (Goblin) Then talk to everyone. Go visit the mayor. Ask about priest's son. Then you can get through two headed Goblin guard. Follow the path and travel to underground. Follow the path, again. Talk to dead. Now you need to find some food. Go back to Goblin village. Now talk to that guy who grows crow. Hmm... It seems that you need Goblin coins. Now go to the fence collector ask for a job. Ok. I can tell you that the fence is pretty east of Goblin world. Take it. Go back to collector. Now give him hi's fence. Go back to that grow Goblin. Ask about food. Now back to death tell him that you have the food. Go east. HEHEHE!! This fake thing is funny and unstoppable!

[edit] CRYSTAL 1: Crystal in the cave...

Now you need to find out what happened two hunters. Talk to everyone. Then go to shop and buy an elixir potion. (health potion) Then go to that screen where was gold heart and red big heart. Talk to other man and Dink will heal him. Back to town. Talk to priest. You just have to find where water comes out. Then find a rock. The rock is in screen which is: One screen down where Dink healed the bonca hunter. The east twice. Talk to it. And back to water. Talk to priest now go to temple. Right, take the heart. Down to take the crystal. Then back to city and you will be teleported to: Giant Maze.

[edit] PART 7: Land of Mazes...

Go down twice, save. Then go to house where lives a blue knight. Now talk about everything. Now to find permissions.

Quest for trader woman: Buy a bomb from her. Go into screen where is a sign. Two screens down. Then east so much that you'll see two rocks blocking the passage. Blow them up. Back to trader and she'll give you his permission.

Quest for butcher: Go to forest and kill the slayer. Note: Slayer hits pretty hard. It's almost that east what it 'could be.

Quest for forester: 1. Pick up some flowers from the screen what's left of sign screen. Give him those. 2. Go to trader and give her those flowers. Then back to forester to tell about flowers. That wasn't hard. Was it?

Quest for gold-crazy man: You just have to go into forest. Then find that second route which goes to mountains. Enter the cave talk to stone. Go back to that man and he'll give you his permission.

Quest for gold-crazy woman: Just pay her the prize. If you don't have enough. Like me! Go to forest and kill and kill and kill. Pay and you'll get it.

Now talk to knight. Tell him that you get the votes. Now go buy your inventory full of heal potions. Just left one screen.

[edit] CRYSTAL 2: The Maze...

Just follow the path until you reach the temple. Note: WATCH OUT! THE ENEMIES SURE ARE STRONG!!

[edit] CRYSTAL 2: The temple...

Just crab the crystal.

[edit] FINAL FIGHT: Scourger...

Now you'll get the ice sword in a nice scene.

Wait a minute: After that I was teleported back to the village destroyed by the goblins and the red wizard. Couple of goblins walking around, too hard to kill (fireball is useless, sword is 1 hit point on the goblin but 12 – 14 or more from goblin’s axe.) Ignore them and Go north. If you go left, along the cliff top, rocks fall out of the sky and make craters. You can see the shadows before they fall. Nice effect, but not sure what the importance of this scene is. To army camp. Friendly soldiers. Save bot in first hut on left. Talk to leader. He tells Dink the fortress is surrounded by fire. Dink thinks acid rain would be good to put out fires. Huts behind trader have chests. Hut on left has a big red heart in chest on left. But Dink had full health. In the right side hut, a chest had a mega potion (I think) Trader in soldiers’ camp sells acid rain. But a problem; fresh water is needed to activate it. Go back to village. Find path along western side to a cave. Go in. See barrels of water. Arm acid rain. And it’s activated. Go back north. Guard wishes Dink well against the goblins. Maze is strips of land surrounded by fire. OH no! As you begin, a fireball hits and your escape is cut off by a pit of fire. Keep going. To sign and 4 poles. Sign says “Look and Think to survive”. Able to extinguish fires…but then the water runs out. Dink is trapped. Only way out is to exit to a prev saved game. And that’s as far as I’ve gotten.. Ok the way through is to choose the path that has least fires to put out; you have finite acid rain. Don't waste them. Then, unless you've run out of water, you will come to a number of paths. Choose the best. Some have one or two fires and no pits with stakes in them. If you make it to the fortress, you go inside. A wall of blue electric sparks stops you. Go to the globe with the arrow, talk to will open the 'door' and change the scenery. Go through and talk to the next one; it will let you pass. The scenery changes from big slimes to knights every time you 'talk' to the machine. This might be a work in progress as I take better notes on how to get through.

Now you'll see Scourger coming. This battle really is annoying. If I could, I'd be very pleased to watch your fight. (Good! I still have some room to write)

Did you kill him? WELL DONE! Talk to priests. Then Scourger for funny effect. Then don't go too close to Dink statue but talk to it. You'll see credits. Touch the Dink statue. You'll be teleported to Matridge's village. Then... guess what. You have FINISHED the Scourger!! I'm not surprised if you have to cheat in this d-mod. I understand.

[edit] The dead knights in the Wood of Uy...

  • Two guards are in hidden caves.
  • One is in man's house. Talk to him and then kill him.
  • One is at the puzzle.
  • One is just somewhere east.

[edit] Three Buttons...

T: The most usually used button. It'll make you to drop your current weapon, if you want. J: Pretty famous, but still, many don't know, that it'll show you your current Quest. C: The most unknown and unused button. It will help you to jump through some parts of the game. (A bit like a cheat.)

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