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The D-Mod 'Quel' was made by Metatarasal from the Dink Network for the "Throwback competition".


[edit] The Village and the Wizard

After the introduction, walk downwards until you see a wizard gnome picking a mushroom. From there go right and kill the bugs on the screenlocked screen. Don't bother with the houses yet as they're locked. Note that you can heal from the well if you need to.

Go down past the save machine and to the left. Don't cross the bridge yet, as you can find a defence potion all the way down the bottom near the cliff (screen 522). From the cliff go a few screens left until you cross a land bridge to the other side. Go up a few screens and the music will change and you'll see a log cabin. Go inside and talk to the wizard and he'll tell you to urinate on the statue in town.

Go back to town and visit the well to fill up first, then visit the stone. Afterwards you may go back to the wizard who will teach you how to break into houses. Back in town punch the door of the first house you see and go inside. He'll explain that everyone has turned into pigs. In the big house you'll be told that the castle has a weak spot in the wall. In another house the blacksmith pig will tell you go get him some AlkTree nuts so he can help you break into the castle.

The AlkTree nuts are over the bridge to the west where you were before (screen 390) and can be collected in the usual manner. The stick you receive from the pig turns out to be a sword which you may use to scratch a hole in the wall near the well. Make sure you save beforehand, however.

[edit] The Grapes

The fight against the forces of the leader may be difficult. The trick is to walk around and cause the girls to bunch up so you can hit more than one in a single hit. They will usually drop hearts allowing you to refill your health. More will spawn, but eventually they will stop and you will be able to win the battle.

[edit] The Ogres

Afterwards a new path will open up to the right of the biggest house. If you talk to the wizard he'll tell you there's a more evil person in charge that you must investigate. Go back to the new path and up to the right. You'll encounter an ogre village full of hungry pacifists ogres who wants some ducks removed and some humans to eat. There are humans out the back of the farmer pig's house but he will not help you. The wizard will however, so talk to him and then go back to the humans and talk to them to gather them up. Talk to the ogre in the left-most house to feed the ogres. Now you'll be able to get bombs from the ogre next door, so do that.

[edit] Back to the castle

You will have most likely seen the gold heart south of the ogre village, so go get that first. In the land of Bad Evilness you may now cross over the bridge and destroy the rock to get to the attack potion. Now you must go into the castle and blow up the rocks where the battle took place. You may want to stock up on AlkTree nuts first if you require healing. The red button on the warp machine will take you to the final boss. Dodge his projectiles and get in close. Once you're done you will receive your rank.

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